Preventing workplace
injuries using Sports Science technology enables

Safety professionals to reduce workplace injury risk in a measurable way, using wearable technology, video analysis and valid, reliable data.

Workers to reduce their own injury risk using wearable technology to measure movements, receive alerts when they move in an unsafe or inefficient way and set challenges/earn rewards.

Preventure hardware
Preventure task assessment
  • Work Task Assessment

    The easiest and most accurate way to assess injury risks for manual handling tasks.
  • Three simple steps
    Connect sensors
    Collect data and video through the app
    Review the data in Dashboard
  • Compare different ways
    Perform tasks using different ways and manual handling aids and compare the results.
  • Personalize training
    Use the combination of video and data for individualized manual handling training.
  • Set standards
    Set benchmarks which can be used for pre-employment screening and as standards for workers returning from injury.
  • Movement Coach

    Provides workers with live feedback throughout their shift when they move in a way that increases their injury risk.
  • Three simple steps
    Connect sensors to the app
    Record data for up to 10 hours
    Review the scores and compare to goals
  • Rewarding
    Workers earn points for reducing injury risks and redeem points for rewards.
  • Engaging
    Workers engage with injury prevention content that has a direct connection with their favorite sports.
  • Scalable
    Wearable technology enables Safety Professionals to manage the injury risks for more workers over larger geographical areas compared to current methods that are very time and resource demanding.
Movement coach
Office coach
  • Office Coach

  • Value for Remote Office Workers
    Workers wear a back sensor and are provided with feedback about their sitting positions and encouraged to stretch and be active throughout the day.
  • Value for Employers / Safety Professionals
    Employers and OHS Professionals can remotely collect posture data from workers over long periods of time to identify the need for ergonomic workstation reviews and prevent musculoskeletal injury.
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Why are we better than the alternatives?

  • Research has indicated that current injury prevention methods (risk assessment and manual handling training) are ineffective.

  • Over 20 years of experience in sports movement analysis forms the foundation of our algorithms, unlike any other product on the market.

  • Unlike our competitors, we understand that range of motion is NOT the only factor influencing injury risk. Decades of Sports Medicine research has proven that movement control has a huge influence on injury risk, so after 5 years of development and testing our algorithms integrate both movement range and control to provide a load score.

  • We measure movement load, not injury risk or hazards, so we can engage workers. Sports people never discuss injury risks and hazards associated with their training or competition, they focus on the load and managing the load to reduce injury risks. That's what we do, help manage the worker's load to reduce injury risk.

  • Our wearable technology and data analysis has been developed, tested and validated with the assistance of the Australian Government, the University of Technology Sydney and the University of Canberra.

  • And most importantly, WE ARE COST EFFECTIVE and easily integrate into current operations making us a sustainable, long term solution.

Validation Partners

Key Clients

We are partnering with businesses across Australia, who are working towards an injury free workplace.
Recovery Partners
Virgin Australia
Ambulance Victoria
Coca-Cola Amatil
Endeavour Foundation
Westrac Cat
Alfred Health
Chandler Macleod
Gold Coast City Council


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